The Elan Wedding, Lodi, NJ | Taj & Tiffany

The true definition of the phrase "love conquers all" is Taj & Tiffany. That's the best way to sum up their beautiful relationship. Taj & Tiffany's wedding day started bright and early on a beautiful Sunday morning and even though the early start proved to be a little hectic, it didn't change the fact that two people were coming together to commit themselves as one in front of those they love the most. Taj is an absolute gentleman and you can see just how much he loves Tiffany just by the way he looks into her eyes. Although the wedding day is always all about the Bride & Groom, Tiffany's father stole a little bit of the attention when he displayed the emotions he felt giving away his last daughter who is one of three daughters that he's already given away to their husbands. His baby girl was getting married and he shed many tears of joy which only spoke to how special of a person Tiffany truly is.

We love you Taj & Tiffany and pray many many blessings over your lives!