Mercer Oaks Country Club Wedding: Ron & Heather

Sometimes true love is found in the place you least expect it, and who knew that the internet could bring two souls together that were destined to be with each other. Heather signed up on an online dating site and got a message from Ron the very next day. What are the odds?

I actually went to high school with Ron but oddly enough I was contacted by Heather whom I didn't know at all. This is why I love what I do!!! I get to connect with people from the past and meet new people that I end up absolutely adoring. That's how I would describe Heather, someone who you can absolutely adore. Ron & Heather literally fell in love at first sight and now look...they're getting married!!! The wedding ceremony was supposed to be outside but mother nature had a different plan. It's okay though, these two didn't let anything bother them. When I asked them about capturing a night shot, Heather kicked off her shoes and just went with it. Rain and all. That's my kind of Bride! Congratulations two deserve the world.