Hamilton Manor Wedding, Hamilton, NJ: Marlon & Tiffany

Who says it's bad luck to get married on a rainy day? Well even if I believed in luck I still wouldn't have said it because it's simply not true.  On Marlon and Tiffany's wedding day the weather decided to do whatever it wanted to do but you know what...that didn't stop these two beautiful souls from focusing on what was truly the most important thing and that was coming together as one.

When I first met Tiffany she shared with me that her father had passed away some time ago and so in honor of him she wanted to share a piece of her father in her engagement session by including his beautifully maintained vintage car. It warmed my heart even more to learn that Marlon was also a car lover just like Tiffany's dad and so that was a special bond that they had between them. I'm so happy to have met Marlon and Tiffany and their families as well who were so incredibly sweet to me and my staff. Even though this wedding day turned out to be a rainy one, I think Marlon and Tiffany would agree that it was still the most perfect day ever!

Trusted Vendors:
Live Band: Total Remix
DJ: Kevin