How do we book you?

First, contact us here and we’ll schedule a consultation with you. Afterwards you can reserve your wedding date with a retainer and signed contract.

How soon will we see our wedding photographs?

Your online wedding gallery will be ready within four to six weeks after your wedding day. You will also be able to share your images with family and friends so they can relive your day with you.

Do you travel?

Yes, I will travel for your wedding and I keep my passport updated and ready as needed for the occasional destination wedding. It's not easy to find a great photographer when you are abroad or in the Caribbean, so don't trust your images to a local who is not a true wedding photographer, call Photoray.

How many photographers will shoot my wedding?

I am the principal photographer for Photoray so, your photographs will be captured from my perspective and in my style so that the story of your special day is told in a way that is true to who are you. That said, I've been photographing weddings for a very long time and I typically work with an assistant photographer along with my assistant who helps with lighting and any other needs (it really depends on the requirements of your day).